Sunday, July 30, 2006

Will the heroes finally be remembered?

The problem with Indonesia's history is it's Javanese-centric theme. Thanks to our great first two presidents, Soekarno and Soeharto, we forget the struggle of independence in other province.

One of the forgotten struggle was the underground movement of Pemerintah Darurat Republik Indonesia (Indonesia's Emergency Government / PDRI) which led by Sjafruddin Prawiranegara in 1948 - 1949. The PDRI has successfully kept Indonesia's spirit alive and broadcasted the our father's struggle to foreign countries. It continuously told the world Indonesia was exist and would never stop fighting until Netherlands affirm our independence.

The ignorance scheme began when Netherlands finally surrendered and affirmed our independence. However, Sukarno's greedy of power has made their struggle forgotten. It should be Sjafruddin Prawiranegara, not Soekarno, who had right to sign the treaty.

The signing of treaty by Soekarno who was at the time in Netherland's control has caused the treaty interpreted as the sovereignity transfer from Netherlands to Indonesia instead of acknowledgement of Indonesia's independence of 1945. No wonder, until recently, the Dutch and Europes does not acknowledge 1945 as the year of Indonesia's independence. Sutan Sjahrir, one of our wisest founding father realized what happened and criticized Soekarno. And that was the fallen of our triumvirate ( Tritunggal ) become duumvirate ( Dwitunggal ) which eventually became the Dictatorate of Soekarno in 1959.

The Dictatorate of Soekarno or also known as Old Orde ( Orde Lama ) was the nightmare for most of our founding fathers. Sutan Sjahrir was slandered by communist and imprisoned by Soekarno in 1962. Mohammad Hatta, became hermit and only giving lectures without involve in any political movement ( and being stamped as a coward by Soe Hok Gie). Most of PDRI's cabinet including Sjafruddin Prawiranegara was imprisoned for being accused as involved in rebellion of Pemerintahan Revolusioner Republik Indonesia ( Revolution Government of Republic Indonesia / PRRI ) in 1961.

PRRI itself is a unique rebellion. It protest the Soekarno's tendency to favor Partai Komunis Indonesia ( Indonesia's Communist Party / PKI ) and Java-centric policy and Soekarno's ignorance to other province. The supporter of the rebellion were too much so when central government finally subdued the rebel, they have to give mass amnesty.

Both of PRRI and Permesta were independence. However, the United States policy to against communist has made them supported. However, the support never came to real because US withdrew the support immediately after their pilot, Allen Lawrence Pope was shot and fell. However, the short incidents has made central government easily stamped them as Puppet of US.

When the regime was changed, when the Soekarno fell and Soeharto rose, our forgotten heroes' name did not rehabilitated. They were remembered as rebel to Indonesia's sovereignity and United States' puppet and less attention taken to the reason behind rebellion. The Java-centric government enslaved the other province for more than 30 years.

And we, the young generation forget how Indonesia was not founded by Javanese alone. We have people from Borneo ( Kalimantan ) and Celebes ( Sulawesi ). We forget how people from West Sumatra ( Minangkabau people) contributes a lot to our 1945 constitution ( Undang-Undang Dasar 1945 ).

Hence, if we still love Indonesia, we still believe there is such thing as Indonesia, we should remember our founding fathers, not only the Javanese one, but also from other province. Not only those who support central governments, but also those who criticized the central governments.

References: Presiden Diminta Pulihkan Tokoh-tokoh PDRI. Last Accessed at 30th July 2006


jpmrblood said...

My condolence to them also...

The twisted history of Indonesia has made our generation lost its values. Have we all remembered the 10th September? Or maybe March, 1st?

My condolence also to this country whom forgot the reasons of this Republic. Why? One of the foundations of this country is "Sumpah Pemuda" which state:

We are in 1 language, Bahasa Indonesia.

Do we?

Btw, nowadays the most popular flag that sold out:
1. American & Israeli Flag
2. Palestinian Flag
3. Indonesian Flag

the 2 1st is for burnt, 2nd is for parade of protest, 3th is for ornaments...

Long live Indonesia!