Wednesday, July 26, 2006

The 14th Indonesian Otomotif

In Balai Sidang, Jakarta Convention Centre.

I think my comment is not needed. One picture is worth than one thousand words.

Hehehe.. This is what happened when cartoons turn out to be real..

Honestly, from all of cars exhibited in this show, I like this futuristic car made by Toyota. See the dashboard and its steer. Looks like Startrek doesn't it?

This one is an absurd robot.. ha ha ha ha

Don't ask me this one..
This Venom car maybe the coolest car in the exhibition but it useless. Only one passenger (which is the driver himself) and there are too many speaker.


Ramot said...

wah yang Lotus itu bonus cewe ya nar? boleh juga tuh
hehehe becanda xD