Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Congratulation, Ilman!

Gong Xi!

Muhammad Ilman Akbar, a student of Fakultas Ilmu Komputer (Fasilkom -- Faculty of Computer Science) in Universitas Indonesia (University of Indonesia) had successfully attended the court of traffic law this morning (August 29, 2006) in Pengadilan Negeri Depok (City Court of Depok).

Due to his honesty (when we know each of us has been fined, we vowed to play it straight), not being trapped in "Praktek Percaloan" (middle-man-practice), he only pay Rp 35 ribu (thirty-five thousand rupiah.. 1 USD = Rp 9.5 thousand). Hence, he has succeed when I failed.

We need more person like him, especially in young generation. The ring of corruption should be broken bottom-up. We need more courage and inspiration.

Congratulation, Ilman!


Muhammad Ilman Akbar said...

Hehehe.. Makasih nar! Bahkan gw lupa, gw mau nulis tentang itu.. Gw tulis ah lengkapnya..

Ramot said...

mmm... yah setelah dia bayar orang kehakiman deh yang korup duitnya... sama aja akhirnya... :))

Anonymous said...

Itu mah cerita lain, Mot. Mulai dari hal2 kecil dahulu.