Saturday, August 19, 2006

I'ts been a long time

When the last time I spent my time for drawing? It's been a long time. The last pictures of mine was not a picture at all but merely an emotional modification of somebody's photograph. And here, I present you, my last drawing.

I believe, most of my (Indonesian) friend didn't know who she is. Her name is Bridget Neval, an Australian Actress, born in 1985.

She was popular when she played as Lana Crawford in TV series Neighbours in Channel Ten, Australia. Frankly, I'm not fans of Neighbours but when I saw her, I watched the series. Unfortunately, she appeared in the series very short and then she left.

Then, I saw her again Wicked Science, an interesting australian TV series. She had the major role, as Elizabeth Hawke, a genius who fell in love to the protagonist, Toby. However, instead of being lovers, they stood in different side, Toby as the protagonist and Elizabeth as the antagonist.

Too bad, I didn't know what channel the series was and I also had to go back to Indonesia. I wish a friend would be kind to buy me the DVD when it released. Isn't she pretty? Well, if you think she is not pretty, probably I drew her inaccurately. Googling her name and see her real pictures.