Saturday, September 30, 2006

Breaking Up.. Divorce

It hurts..

It really hurts...

Although I read a lot of it..
It still hurts..

No matter how hard I try to smile.
It still hurts..

And I feel like Winston Smith from Nineteen Eighty-Four.
I hope I won't become Dr. Azahari.

Does anyone want to brainwash me?
This is the right time.


Anonymous said...

Ada apa ini? :(

Anonymous said...

pasti baru sekali ya.
Coba lagi nak, kali yang kedua tidak begitu sakit.

Anonymous said...

Sebenarnya.. itu yang kedua...
Tapi yang pertama emang gak niat.. beda dengan yang kedua.. udah niat banget..

Iya.. sakit.. :(
biarpun tahu harus terus melangkah, tetapi ketika sakitnya kumat.. duh.. susah banget menggerakkan badan untuk aktif.

Anonymous said...

I'll talk the language you understand.

Your brain will experience lack of endorphin for the next four weeks, which will trigger the automatic reaction of re-imagination. Your brain will try to simulate the experience that stimulate production of endorphin, you will halucinate, imagine things... in short, melancholy.

You are now similar to drug addict that run out of supply.

After four week (in average, it is faster for some people, and slower for other) your brain will adapt. Your body will return to its normal metabolism, and you will go about living.

You can always sabotage the process by keep remembering old days, but I wouldn't recommend it.