Saturday, October 14, 2006

A Group of Homeless in Fatmawati

Last night, when I went to BRI Fatmawati to draw some money, I found there were lot of homeless there. Shockingly, most of them were still young and some of them brought their children. They slept in the trotoar with sarung as their blanket.

There were some carts (Gerobak) near them (carts to brough gabbage, used by primitive-garbage-man from home to home). I saw one of them brought his daughter using the cart.

I wonder who they were. I went through Fatmawati from Pondok Labu to Cipete Raya many times in the middle of night and I never saw them before.


Anonymous said...

Hmm, mungkinkah mereka ada saat Ramadhan saja?

Anonymous said...

Kalau tugas proteks-ku selesai malam ini, aku punya rencana untuk mewawancarai mereka besok malam (mungkin juga sahur bareng).


Ada yang mau menemani?

Ayoo.. jadi wartawan amatiran