Saturday, May 31, 2008

Wow.. my drawing appears in "image result" on Google

Last night, I've just upload some drawing I made to my other blog. Two of them had the same character, Anoman.

This morning, I wonder what would be the result if I search "Anoman" in Google. None of them came from my blog or my old site. It didn't matter for me.

in my surprise,
the "image result" part show three images from different sites. And one of them came from my site. You can see the real picture in my site:

remind me to finish coloring Parallel Anomans. Perhaps I should outsource it to someone else?

PS: I've just googling "Anoman" in Google Images and found some interesting pictures.

A comic titled "Anoman Obong" in

A flickr pics in


Anonymous said...

Hehe, blogger aktif gini nih.
Eh, komik Buddha lo dah lo ambil kn?