Friday, December 07, 2007

Are You Happy, Narpati?

Happy can be defined as a feeling when your desire has succesfully been satisfied.

The question is whether I would happy when I don't know what I want.
I do have desire.
I do have need.
But I don't know exactly what I want.

Hence, I can't find the solution and therefore my problem is unsatisfiable. Thus, I can't say I'm happy when none of my desire is satisfied.

if only you were not giving in easily, I would like to say 'no' to her for your sake...
But I know I hurt you when I consider her request.
I do understand why you told me to accept her.

I try to forget you... but I can't.
She is still afraid I'll choose you again one day and she has the perfect reason for the suspicion.

I shouldn't even wrote this post. It would hurt her if she know it.
I hope you are happy there. I hope you can find a better man for you. Better than someone who can't answer himself whether he is happy.


Anonymous said...

Kenapa? Siapa yang bisa jawab pertanyaan tsb jika ditanyakan? Tergantung pada persepsi masing-masing orang. Apakah orang tsb menganggap bahwa kebahagiaan harus diperjuangkan, atau tipe melankolis, yang inginnya kebahagiaan kayak cerita dongeng....happily forever....

Jadi, hidup ini memang harus berjuang dan diperjuangkan, tak hanya merasa sedih, terluka, merasa diri sendiri ga bahagia. Banyak orang lain di luar sana yang kekurangan, itu jelas ga bahagia.

Anonymous said...

sepertinya kok galau banget nih.

12rokok said...

njisss gue banget neh,..

lam kenal euy,..