Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Batman is the real villain in TDK

"we are destined to do this forever" -- Joker
"you will be in cell forever" -- Batman
"maybe we should share one .. Hi HI Ha ha HA ha " -- Joker

If you, the audiences who had already watched TDK, believe the Joker were the antagonist in The Dark Knight, you all were mistaken. The Batman were the antagonist. The Batman should be the one who took the blame for all crime happened in the screen.

Let me list crimes perpretrated by The Batman in Nolan's version.

First, let started with the crime he did on Batman Begins
  1. vandalized public property (parking lot, highway separator)
  2. vandalized people's property (roof)
  3. blew up Arkham Mental Hospital

And then, the list grown far in The Dark Knight
  1. vandalizing public property (parking lot) [can you imagine how much tax money from public was wasted if Batman operate in our city? ],
  2. kidnapping a legal entrepreneur from his own office,
  3. unathourized breaking and entering apartment (in assumption no one know Bruce Wayne and Batman is the same person),
  4. stealing high-tech devices from Wayne Enterprise,
  5. breaking people's leg,
  6. violating Miranda's right (the right to silence, to be accompanied by lawyer, etc.),
  7. unathourized usage of violence against police's detainee,
  8. inhibit the job of authorized officers (SWAT team),
  9. encourage vigilantism,
  10. endangering public (by shooting plaza's door, speeding inside the plaza, shooting parking cars),
  11. contaminating crime evidence,
  12. stealing crime evidence,
  13. abusing animals,
  14. violating privacy rights,
  15. violating the rights of customers ( if my cellular phone had sonar device planted inside by the phone company, I would like to be advised when I bought the phone)
As you see, the number of crimes perpretrated by Batman was larger than the number of crimes done by the Joker itself.

And what is the purpose of crime for Joker? To be the antithesis of Batman. Hence, if there wasn't Batman then there wouldn't be any freak like Joker. The Joker was telling the truth when he said

And who were the first ones who join Joker's group? Who were Joker most loyal henchmen? Most of them came from Arkham Mental Hospital and as shown in Batman Begins, the Batman himself who freed them when he avoid arrestment by SWAT team. He blew up Arkham.

It is a shame that Harvey Dent was the elected one for District Attorney. Dent's rival, Garcetti probably corrupt but at least, if he was elected, there wouldn't be any group inspired by Batman so-called Citizens for Batman ever killed by The Joker since he would arrest all of them.

If Garcetti could not convinced you as the better District Attorney due to accusation of corruption, another Den't rival, Dana Worthington would be a better choice than Dent. When most of Gotham citizens praised Dent for his bravery on saving a young lady in hostage situation (Harvey Dent got the nickname "White Knight" due to the incident), Dana Worthington reminded her constituent the same incident had cost a life of an old woman. It is pathetic how Gotham Cable News were more interested on how a life of young lady were saved by a handsome D.A. candidate instead of story how a life of old lady was ended by frustrated police who were cornered by Dent's man. (Remember that in TDK, Harvey got the name "Two-Face" when he was in Internal Affairs Division).

If Dana Worthington was elected as District Attorney, although she may silently support Batman, she would more care about the loss caused by Batman reckless act instead of defending the caped crusader.

Back to the main point,
all events happened in The Dark Knight was Batman's fault. He was guilty for all crimes perpretrated by freak he inspired, the reckless bravery he encourage, and all cost for fixing properties he broke on his vigilantism act.

the author of stupid post above is an Indonesian citizen living in Indonesia who follow all news about viral marketing of The Dark Knight.


Anonymous said...

Ha ha ha HA Ha ha HA ha Ha
Ha ha ha HA Ha ha HA ha Ha
Ha ha ha HA Ha ha HA ha Ha

and I thought my joke was bad

Ramot said...

Hei hei hei...
Why So Serious?

Anonymous said...

Let's put a smile on that face, and Why so serious...?

To beat a villain, one has to act and think like one of them.

"You either die a hero or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain." Harvey Dent


Michael R