Tuesday, September 26, 2006

23 years old

Twenty-three years ago, an 23 years old girl was proposed by someone who would be famous. This year, she was divorced by her husband who interested to younger girl.

Ironically, the younger girl was 23 years old, the same age as the first wife when she married.

Yesterday, an 23 years old prostitute was found killed in her room in Jakarta..

And I,
a 23 years old man who hasn't graduated yet and hasn't worked yet and his girl (24 years old) was in a place in far-far away.

I'm depressed, just as Marvin in Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy.


ZaQ said...

Marvin xD


Anonymous said...

loh, baru 23 mah santai aja kang...

jpmrblood said...

makan2X ( t m )

btw, Nar, kayanya elo jadi bapak rumah tangga deh

Anonymous said...

Bapak Rumah Tangga? Hehehehe....

Pak Rifky, dosen baru Fasilkom itu 23 tahun yah?

Ahh.. nambah lagi deh alasan gue depresi.