Sunday, October 08, 2006

I love you..

Whatever they said..
Whatever you said..

I love you...

I'm sorry..
for all of my mistake

I'm sorry for all the wounds in your heart caused by me.

I love you...

Did you know..
sometimes I wish I live in celluloid. At least I would know, in the end, we would be happy no matter how hard our relationship problem going through. Just like David and Diana in Indecent Proposal.

No.. I know that was not what happened to us. I just took the movie as example how I envy unrealistic life in celluloid, in where no matter how big your problem was, you always had a happy ending.

yeah.. I know.
One of the reasons why you hate me because I lived in the dream world. I lived in my own imagination. I was ignorant about the real-life and I choose to be ignorant forever.

That was one of lot of reasons to love you. You kept me on the ground. Bound me to the earth so I would not lost in space.

I did love you
I love you
and I believe I will always love you

And I'm sorry..
deeply sorry..
for all of the bad things I've done to you

Evey: Does it have a happy ending?
: As only celluloid can deliver.
-- V for Vendetta