Friday, October 06, 2006

Legalization is not the answer

Some secular humanist asserted sin was a matter of violation of religious rule. If there was no any rule prohibit such acts then the act would not be considered as sin. Hence, due to such logic, they concluded a positive rule about moral conduct was unnecessary and every attempt to apply such rule could be considered as nemesis of freedom.

Move further, to prevent rebellious explosion, they propose a legalization of immoral acts such as prostitution or gambling or drinking to minimize the negative impacts. For example, to prevent the contaging sexual disease, some liberal government regulated the authorized prostitutes to have a good hygiene and health and use a safety when they practiced.

An Indonesian saying wisely said, "diberi hati minta jantung (when given a liver, they will ask for a heart)". A human desires has no limit. If they pursued their desires, it will lead to their doom.

Increase the salary of corrupt officials and you'll find they will still be corrupt in the next five year.

And that was what happened in Queensland and Victoria, two of states of Australia. Giving licenses to some new brothels and some restrictions and guess what? They'll violate it! Giving freedom for people founding new brothels and guess what? The demand are suddenly increased and lead to illegal human trafficking.

Hence, for you who love the idea of legalizing something immoral, let me ask you a question: Are you sure?

Hughes, Gary. Selling Sex. Gotcha Blog, (Last accessed 6th October 2006)