Thursday, October 05, 2006

[Wasting Time Sketch] Mantili vs Lasmini

This picture was drawn in Project Management course (sorry, Pak Benny).

For you who were fans of Saur Sepuh should know who they were. Unfortunately, the fotocopy-store in Balgebun (Balik Gedung Bundar - Fasilkom) didn't have any green pen so I couldn't colour the clothes of Mantili.

I miss Murti Sari Dewi. She played Lasmini, the goddess of death, the flirty warrior, the rage heroin.

Elly Ermawati played Mantili, the rage princess who hate Lasmini for seducing her brother, Brama Kumbara.

By the way.. Murti Sari Dewi also played Sakawuni ( a female character in other story, Tutur Tinular). Maybe one day I have to draw Dewi Sambi versus Sakawuni.. Hehehehe.


Anonymous said...

wah, gambarnya silat2 semua nih..
i recommend thee: ROCH 2005 =D

Anonymous said...

Wah.. kalau silat cina, udah banyak komikus Cina yang gambar. Kalau silat Indonesia masih sedikit.. hehehehe.