Thursday, October 05, 2006

[Wasting Time Sketch] Si Buta in Action

This picture was drawn in Text Processing course (sorry, Mrs. Mirna Adriani), behind the cover of my notes.

Learn from my previous experience, I upload this picture in jpeg format since if I use gif format, it would be converted by blogger automatically to png which the result has larger size.

I forgot the name of character of "baldie". But he was Marni's husband.

Didn't recognize the character?

Okay.. This is the story:
After Barda Mandrawata succesfully killed his nemesis, Mata Malaekat (Angel's Eyes), suddenly he was attack from behind. This baldie was the perpetrator.

Barda fell into abyss and stranded to Gua Hantu (Haunted Cave) which where he fought a dragon and use its skin for his new clothes. There was where he found a stick, stronger than any metal in the world.

After getting his new skill and power, Barda, which now assumed the title of Si Buta dari Gua Hantu (The Blind Mand from Haunted Cave), emerged from abyss and looked for his coward enemy who attacked him from behind.

The end of story was rather sad. After fought his enemy, Si Buta found his enemy was Marni Dewianti's husband. Marni was Barda's lover before her father and she was attacked by Mata Malaekat. When the baldie wanted to kill Mata Malaekat to be Marni's husband, he found Barda has killed Mata Malaekat first, and then he was jealous and attacked Barda.

Knowing that her lover has married, Si Buta left them alone, not letting them know how broken his heart was.