Monday, October 02, 2006

[wasting time sketch] Pregnant Woman

In the last few days I saw many pregnant woman. Additionally, some girls sometimes wore a dress with a rope or something exactly in the bottom of bosom which made them appeared to be pregnant.

In a boring Project Management course, I draw this woman. Actually, I was inspired by Lis who used to wear "pregnant clothes" and blue-jeans jacket (ah.. Lis.. I miss you... ).

Ladies and Gentleman, I present you this picture..

Sorry if the picture is too simple, lack of colour, and unbalance. I don't have pencil to sketch with precise and colour pencil or crayon to colour it.

If you cannot see the picture, you can see here.

Kunderemp Ratnawati Hardjito a.k.a
Narpati Wisjnu Ari Pradana