Monday, October 02, 2006

[Wasting Time Sketch] Si Buta Dari Gua Hantu

Sometimes, a should-be interesting course can be boring. This one was drawn in Image Processing course. I was almost fall asleep so I needed something to keep me awake.

Can you guess where I drew this picture? Behind the cover of my notes.

Sorry Ms. Aniati Murni, I slept on your course many times.

This picture is Si Buta dari Gua Hantu ( The Blindman from Haunted Cave), a popular fictional heroes, created by Ganes TH. Here, he threw his stronger-than-iron stick to the ground and it exhaust a huge of energy which blew his long hair and clothes.

If you can't see the picture, you can click here.

Kunderemp Ratnawati Hardjito a.k.a
Narpati Wisjnu Ari Pradana