Sunday, December 24, 2006

I forgot I'm a wikipedian

I forgot I'm a wikipedian.

I just realized it when I login to edit Bao Qingtian entry and voila! I have a lot of messages from Wikiproject Indonesia. Their current fortnight project was to improve Indonesian War of Independence.

The problem with me is.. I'm too busy. Even if I have time, I mostly spend in talk, not editing the page. But this time, I edit some like Casus-Belli Section (had been renamed to Background) -- adding non-cooperative and cooperative organization and had been edited beautifully by indon, adding the beginning of Darul-Islam rebellion, edit Armed Conflicts ( but I edit it too far.. probably will separated ).

I just realized, wikipedia is not perfect but we, the wikipedians, will always try to make it close to perfection. And hey.. the article was still too Java-centric and need a lot of repair. Would you come to join us and add the article? And don't be so paranoid like

Dan ah.. aku udah lama gak mengedit wikipedia berbahasa Indonesia. Sigh...


narpen said...

jadi keinget mister eniman (pembimbingku) protes pas aku masukin wikipedia ke daftar pustaka :( sial.. pdhl wikipedia enak2 euy tulisannya.. mau cari yg resmi entah knp rada susah.. hiks..