Friday, June 24, 2011

A Story from Saudi Arabia Guy about Indonesian Maid

Just for the sake of knowing the other side of story.

The guy nickname was Layth Al Shaiban and this was his answer in 2006 in an online forum.

Peace Chakra,

Layth , could you tell us more about your personal experience , good or bad ,with Indonesian workers?

I need to have a balance story ...... I'm sure the folks back home need to hear that too....

My experience has mainly been bad, so I would not be able to apply it in a general sence as I am sure it is not always the case.

The worst problem I have encountered has been the sexual misconduct by the female workers who come here. In my house alone we have had three incidents (with three sepereate female workers) who have been sneaking men into the house for sex mainly when my wife and I are out, or when we are asleep at night, or in some cases it is in the mornings while my wife and children are asleep. All these cases have been verified by witnesses who informed us of strange men enetering the house and then by the female worker herself after being confronted with the accusation.

My in-laws had this same problem with their last two female workers.

My family had this problem with two of their female workers.

Colleages at work have experienced the same problem even as recent as 1 month back while his wife and child were sleeping.

What is pathetic is that most of these adultreses are married women who husband and children.

The second worst problem is the theft...Gold bracelets, rings, watches, etc. are a favorite and will dissapear from a table within minutes of it being placed there. The main hiding place is to sew them into clothing, or to hide them in electronic equipment which they have bought for their loved ones, or as in a recent case in a sack of rice. Confronting the female worker is a complete waste of time as deniability is the main theme...Either the artifact is recovered through a search, or, it is lost forever as they dispose of it quickly through another female worker or a male worker who is working in the same house or another house.

Thr third problem is the witchcraft. I can say that nearly all of the female workers we have employed have been found with the usual collection of personal artifacts taken mainly from my wife and kids (hair, blood from mensturation removed from tampax in the garbage, undergarnments, etc..)...This vodoo is a common feature of all female workers who are here.

I would say that it is the lack of education and ignorance of these female workers that is the core problem...But it is also the lack of values and the lack of moral decency which seems to be rampant.

Finally, the authorities here in Saudi and in Indonesia are totally heedless of the suffering caused by such behaviour and by the breach of contract that occurs when the female workers turn to prostitution, or simply run away (which has been the case with a number of female/male workers we have had).


Oh yeah as for the witchcraft, does it actually work?

Only if you believe it will (it is psychological in my view)...My in-laws after nearly 40 years of marriage divorced because they found evidence of witchraft (a strangely written parchment with their names on it was found with their Inodnesian driver and female worker), and then they became convinced that they were `bewitched` and then when they used to argue, they would blame the witchcraft to the point where the woman started fights with her husband just because she thought the witchcraft made her do so...

It is a self-fulfilling prophecy.

PS: Note from me:
When I quote his post, it doesn't mean I agreed with the reckless execution in Saudi Arabia. And abuse is still an abuse whatever 'the moral' trying to justify it.


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