Thursday, October 12, 2006

She was killed by.. a teenager!!

Does somebody remember that a few weeks ago I complain how being 23 years old was a depressing time considering there were a lot of things happened to someone when they were 23 years old while I hadn't do anything? Does somebody remember that I mentioned a 23-years old prostitute was murdered.

The murderer was a teenager..
a teenager who had no money.

I just remember that one of my friend was also killed by a teenager.

Yup.. Teenagers!!



Ra! said...

kalo LP khusus anak itu batas usianya berapa sich??

dulunya gw sering pulang malem dari lab ke kutek, sekarang mah... hiii.. syerem T__T

Anonymous said...

Setahuku, KTP itu 17 tahun ke atas sementara SIM C itu 16 tahun ke atas. Berarti dianggap anak-anak itu usia berapa yah?