Saturday, March 17, 2007

Alexander vs Cyrus: Who Had Rights to be Called as "The Great"

This is a teaser article, means I speak a little.
Lot of people ever heard the name Alexander The Great but how many people ever heard Cyrus The Great (except the Persian [Iran and Iraq])?

One of them might be the Zulqarnain mentioned in Quran (The Quran never said 'Iskandar'!). It might be Alexander of Macedonian or it might be Cyrus of Persian. Or maybe it was neither of them. Decide it by yourself!

For you who didn't know me, I'm not Persian. I'm an Indonesian.

For Fitri Rahmawati: This is my answer for your request.
I'm sorry to answer in short and teaser articles, not in a deep-article I promised it months ago. Maybe one day, I'll wrote the long version.


Fitri said...

blon nonton 300 si
kata yang uda nonton sadis dengan efek yang keren
jalan ceritanya bermasalah ya???