Saturday, March 17, 2007

Jamiro - a short but provocative comics

At first, this 8-pages of panji-koming-looked-alike comic seemed to be a usual comic, written and drawn merely for entertainment. I was wrong. This comic was solid with ideas without being too crowded.

The first time you read the comic, you might be disappointed as most of people disappointed with the ending of The Matrix Reloaded. However, while Neo didn't talked a lot, providing absolutely no clue to the audience, Jamiro speech gave us some ideas what the author might think.

In my perspective, this comic tried to told us:
1. be careful with your mouth,
2. don't hate someone who differs with you
3. don't be naive with ruler who had absolute power. Anything could happen.

If you want to read the comic, you can go to nearest bookstore and find Sequen magazine. They published the comic. The cover was a picture of Dayak's girl holding a cone of ice cream and she had a sharp shaped ears (like elves' ear).

Cerita: Mail, Arief
Pensil: Ismail
Tinta: Arief
Warna: Yudi (err.. actually the comic I read was in black and white.. so where is the color?)