Friday, March 30, 2007

A Five-minutes chasing scene from Spiderman 3

They said this clip was played on NBC. The duration was 7 minutes but the actual interesting scene was 5 minutes (the first 2 minutes was about how Peter would ask Mary Jane to marry her).

If you still remember the boring 5 minutes of non-stop fighting from The Matrix Reloaded ( Neo versus thousands of Agent Smith), don't worry. This five-minutes fight was not as boring as the Matrix Reloaded was. It also made me wonder since leaking a full action scene for trailer wasn't a common practice. The producer must be very confidence of Spiderman 3 so they did not afraid to previewed a 5-minutes scene. Hopefully they were not relied merely on action scenes.

PS: In second thought, it only 4 minutes and some few seconds.

another trailer from Fox TV where Tobey Maguire told the stories (which of course the fan had already predicted very well based on the trailer). Some added new scenes were featured which made some cryptic scenes unsolved, e.g, the guy on the big bell was Eddie Brock, not Peter Parker. (I thought it was Peter Parker although in some websites told it was Eddie Brock).