Saturday, March 17, 2007

I am moving...

After months of frustation, our family move to the new house. Well, I still post this one from the old one because we still have some stuff here.

The biggest problem we have was we have lot of books. Even the mover workers complained that this was the first one they moved lot of books. Some workers even joked a box of my books must be weight a 1000 kilos. :p ( I heard the joke from my mother. Well, I had to helped them to lifted the box although there were four of them ^_^*! )

I still have books in my old room. But most of them were novels, although some of them were written by my favourite author, I wouldn't miss them bad if I lost them (I could find them in any bookstore, not like the books I moved today).

The book which I moved today could be categorized into fours:
Socio-History, Religion, Campuss-Related, and Comics.