Friday, March 16, 2007

Why Should Nila Tanzil be grounded

I was suprised reading detiknews this morning. A blogger, or to be precisely, a blogwati, Nila Tanzil had been grounded by his office, Surya Citra Television (SCTV).

There were, in my opinion, at least two cases related to her.

The first case was the accusation from Minister of Tourism of Malaysia. Nila was alleged of spreading baseless rumour about the performance of Malaysian Board of Tourism. Some question would be arisen in my head if I was Datuk Seri Tengku Adnan Tengku Mansor

1. I never heard my department work so bad before. Is there really any problem with my department?

2. Assuming I only met a satisfying performance if I checked out my men without prior notification, was the bad situation experienced by Nita was just an isolated event or it was a reflection of our department's daily performance?

3. Even if Nila Tanzil lied or she mistook the situation, how can I defend my department?

What he did was
1. he said most of female blogger were liars. Protested by lot of women, he then clarified his statement had been misunderstood. He said he loves women and he wouldn't dare to disrespect women because most of his constituent were women.

PHOEEY... Yeah.. Did you believe that? I though Indonesian politicians was the worst lying politicians. This guy not only tried to lie but he also tried to campaign himself by trying to flirt Malaysian Women (in Indonesian Phrase: "Tebar Pesona")

2. Then, he aimed his finger to Indonesian Blogger. What the heck?
Did he mean most of Indonesian blogger female blogger were liars? Did he doubt Indonesian journalists?

I might be seemed to be exagerating, but if you think again, instead of bringing 'Indonesia' name, he could just use Public Relation division to counter-statement. And what he did was mentioning 'a female Indonesian journalist' without any counter-statement at all. He used ad hominem technique, a strategy which often used by stupid person who has been cornered.

his strategy in answering the controversy can be backfired. In my opinion, he had just succesfully shown how his department was ineffective, including himself.

Quoting one of Nila's experience in her article:
So, we asked the representative of the board to call her. Apparently, she already contacted the Tourism Board in KL herself. And this caused a little bit of a crisis in the board (Malaysia and Indonesia offices). The representative of the board from Indonesia who brought us there, called us up saying that her boss was angry at her and now she looked so stupid and unprofessional in doing her job. So, she warned us not to contact any parties directly in the future. Oh great! Being journalists on a TV station, our job is to get a good picture and produce a good show. If the board didn’t do their homework in arranging permit to shoot in any places, then as journalists, it was our instinct to contact the party directly.
I totally agree with Enda Nasution's statement: Instead of feeling insulted, THE MINISTER should thanked Nila for her criticism.

The second case was the grounding of Nila. Nila told Detik how her next tour to Makassar was cancelled and how her status today was unclear. There were some issues that can be debated here e.g professional ethics ( Did Nila have a right to write about his job, especially when she mentioning her office and the situation clearly? ). However, I hope SCTV did not repeat their mistake when they fired Ira Koesno in 1998 because she failed to predict her guest (Sarwono Kusumaatmadja) would dare to provide cynical analogy about what President Suharto should do.

Does anyone remember the case?
SCTV invited Sarwono Kusumaatmadja as a former minister, to speak about the situation in Indonesia (May 1998). The moderator was Ira Koesno. And the conversation was heated and Sarwono provided 'Toothache' analogy to make his point clear. SCTV tried to evade any uncomfortable by firing Ira Koesno. A few days later, the regime was changed, and SCTV employed Ira Koesno again.

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