Thursday, March 15, 2007

Why Blogger couldn't be opened by Konqueror?

Try open my account in blogger using Konqueror. At first, I thought it would work due to it pass the authentication until the dashboard.

Unfortunately, when I create a new post, I couldn't click my mouse to textarea where the content of the article should be put. Something related to the Rich-Text Editor, I pressumed.

I opened GMail using Konqueror and it worked! Not in standard and amazing view of course. You couldn't use GTalk in Konqueror. No Rich-Text-Editor available neither.

But that's the point!

Why can't blogger provide us some alternative? Most of my post didn't need fancy bold-italic-picture feature. Give the poor man the light alternative, just like what GMail did.

PS: If you asked me why I insist using Konqueror even when I have Iceweasel installed in my computer, Iceweasel in my yeah-slow-computer is too annoying slow. It even crashed my GNU/Linux (or to be more accurate, Kuliax distro), destroying the virtual desktop so I have to restart.

I'm still a newbie, though... sigh..


kunderemp said...

At least I can comment here using Konqueror... Sighhh...