Tuesday, May 20, 2008

[Film Snapshot] Kerajaan-Kerajaan Nusantara versi Film Malaysia

No wonder Indonesia and Malaysia has many problem on their border claims.
It seemed Malaysian had problem of lack of history knowledge :P

My friends and I jokingly count on how many non-Javanese Indonesian would angry if they see this map.

1. Aceh
(please.. don't use this movie as argument we have insult you. It's Malaysian movie.. not Javanese movie ^_^*!)

2. North Sumatra
(hey.. cheer up guys.. You are famous for your sense of humour)

3. West Sumatra / Minang
(and my friend's wife, a Minang disagrees, "I'm not mad... I'm not mad...".
His husband and I laughed)

4. or any Sumatranese I haven't mentioned in this post

I wasn't sure Majapahit ruled Kalimantan (Borneo) in its last days since there are new kingdoms in whole Nusantara appeared.

A note of the movie itself:
The title of the movie was "Putri Gunung Ledang".

I haven't found this movie yet. I only got a preview from a website which only shown the opening credit with nice Sundanese song in the background.

Frankly, a friend and I love one of the trailer of this movie which used modernized javanese macapat. My mother went out her room and came to computer's room when first time when I played the trailer and she asked "what is that, Javanese movie? Garin Nugroho's Opera Jawa?".

I asked my father, a lecture of Ethnomusicology in Sekolah Tinggi Seni Indonesia in Bandung and he answered, "it is a macapat and that one is famous on Johor. Wow, a malaysian movie used the song?".

Sadly, this movie cannot be found in Indonesia, not even the pirated one (while ironically, we had pirated movies from almost all countries from United States to Iran and Thailand). Although, originally I'm interested in this movie since it had Dian Sastro (and I was once disappointed when Ekky Eimanjaya wrote Dian Sastro only appeared a few minutes in unimportant role on the movie), my curiousity grow after watch the trailer, watch its opening credit.

Hey.. you can't expect movie reviewer to wrote film review from music perspective, can you?